Discover Lakeview East

Lakeview East Chicago is a dynamic diversified neighborhood community rich in culture, history and the arts. We work hand in hand with our wonderful local residents, business owners and elected officials, who live, shop, dine and play in Lakeview East.

Many new businesses and restaurants have opened their doors tempting us all with new creative products, services, ideas and wonderful meals. Perhaps the best way to enjoy Lakeview East is just by sitting on one of our benches or at one of our many cafes with your favorite cup of coffee and watching all the people and their pets pass by.

Whether you call Lakeview East Chicago home, or you are here for a visit, we welcome you. Let us know how we can make your stay even more enjoyable, after all we are here to serve you. We hope you take advantage of all the unique boutiques and restaurants that Lakeview East has to offer. Thank you for visiting Chicago’s most vibrant and diverse neighborhood and we look forward to seeing you again and again!

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